Superstar Trek Women and Their particular Roles - A Varied and Groundbreaking Franchise

The women of Star Travel are fascinating and complex characters that play key roles in all of the series. They are a significant component of the story lines and and building plots, and are a huge part of what keeps people coming back for more even though there is no active series on television set at the present time. Despite having this seeming media limitation, interest in the franchise remains high.

At all times daring, beautiful, and strong, the women of Star Travel provide a group of characteristics not always found in female portrayals in press. The feminine characters in the series found themselves often in positions of leadership, trust, and authority. In addition, the casting was diverse, and particularly in Typically the Original Series, groundbreaking.

Star Trek has embraced diversity from its earliest point starting in The Authentic Series with the casting of a Most Beautiful Khmer Female Stars major character who was African-American, Lt. Uhura. Considered important enough as a role model to be encouraged by Doctor. Martin Luther King to stay with the show when considering leaving, Uhura's character was an early on example of diversity in the series. In Enterprise, the latest (and currently last) incarnation of Superstar Trek, Hoshi Sato was a key and important character as well featuring the diverse cast from commence to finish of the series.

Captain Janeway of the Star Trek Voyager series is a good example of one of the numerous women characters in the series who was in a leadership role, but not only was she in leadership, she was the Captain of the send. Among a number of other strong female characters cast in command roles, Janeway was the highest ranking.

From the original ground breaking performances of Uhura on The Authentic Series to the reclaimed Borg character of 7 of Nine on Voyager, to one of the first Vulcan assistants to humankind T'Pol on the Business, these characters have brought a perspective on the multi-cultural and diverse world that the best scifi writing promises us is possible and desirable by using both human and alien examples to broaden the ideals not simply to the Earth, but the galaxy as well.